Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you evaluate the students and place them in an appropriate class (how do you determine the kids grade level) ?

For 2nd grade and higher, SILAMBU distributes an assessment sheet to parents based on the student’s previous Tamil school grade. Parents evaluate their children at home, and teachers also conduct a cross-check evaluation to determine the appropriate class placement. KG and 1st-grade students are exempt from home evaluation.

2. Do I need to buy books

 For in-person classes, printed copies of the books will be provided. Online students have the option to request a printed copy with additional shipping charges. Cost information can be found during the registration process. 

3. When will be our in-person class?

In-person classes for the current year will be held at the Hawk Farmington Hills Community Center. We also offer online classes to accommodate students from other states and personal preferences. Quarterly immersion or meet-and-greet sessions will be planned to foster a strong teacher-student bond.

4. What is the seal of biliteracy?
What is the best time to take the seal of biliteracy exam? 

The SILAMBU syllabus is designed to meet the requirements for the seal of biliteracy, which is valid for 3 years and beneficial for college applications. It is recommended to take the exam during 10th or 11th grade in public school. Learn more about the seal of biliteracy with the above link.

5. Can we change the online class timing? 

Class timing can be adjusted by mutual consent between teachers and students.

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