Socially Integrated Learning Academy for Multifaceted Broad Understanding (SILAMBU) with a focus on social consciousness


Our Mission

SILAMBU, the non-profit organization, shall aim to promote peace, love, and economic growth through education and cultivating vibrant communities, a strong cultural economy, and a resilient, creative sector by nurturing the children, youth and families through the Tamil language. Tamil will be taught as a second language based on the ACTFL framework.

Our Goals

  • To address the social-emotional issues of children, youth, and families.
  • To make recommendations to the bi-lingual (Tamil-English) families and Schools concerning the needs of students.
  • To promote social projects and community programs for families to do together.
  • To encourage, coordinate and recognize volunteers and their efforts.

Our Values

  • We firmly believe that good physical, emotional and mental health will result in positive character development.
  • Families and community bonds are strengthened by a caring atmosphere that provides opportunities for spending time together.
  • We help identify the talents of America from these bi-lingual families.
  • SILAMBU brings a positive change to children and youth.

What We Do

SILAMBU plays a significant role in promoting and conducting the following:

Weekend Tamil School Program – Offering positive weekend mentoring for Elementary, middle, and high school students.

Community Supporting Project – SILAMBU aims to leverage the kids and families to support local needs.

Be the Change – Be the first to bring positive change to the community.

Early Childhood Development – Working with parents to provide cognitive development in the formative preschool years.

Family Fun Time – Highlighting the importance of time dedicated to relaxation and creative pursuits designed to reinforce the family connection with a thread of community and nation.


Take Your Kids to Outdoor – Encouraging the families to participate in outdoor activities to achieve a healthy community

Nurture the Next Generation- Organizing community events to enhance social awareness and connectivity to the community

Volunteer Recognition – Annually honors community members for their volunteer activities and awards (Volunteer of the Year).

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