We connect our community focused on multiple avenues.  In SILAMBU not only kids but women’s and families connected through common goals and empower each other.  


Families for Community

What We Offer

Various programs organized focused on different areas to help individual needs.

Lot of educational and support activities for students, women’s and men as per the in demand skills.


Job title or function

Women’s self organized group which guide each other and empower.  Here ever one encouraged to raise their voice and get support.

Chess Club

Job title or function

Conducted by one of the Grand Master himself through online and help kids improve their chess skills.

Career Nights

Back to work and more

The Career series helps to explore different options for Women who like to jump start their career journey or who may wanted to for return to workforce possibly after a break. These sessions enables a Network for collective learning where people share their experiences in their journey thereby motivating and building the confidence. Resume preparation, Interview tips and many more to follow upon.


Job title or function

Group of volunteers organize various topics related teen development and parental experiences.


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